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Best Places to Travel for New Years Eve

New Years Eve Celebrations

New Years Eve is quickly approaching and it’s time to decide where you want to wish 2017 farewell and welcome in 2018.

With so many destinations and agendas to choose from, narrowing down your NYE festivities can be a challenge. Do you want a bustling city celebration with fireworks, a fine dining experience or perhaps to ring in the new year sipping champagne from a tropical beach. Whatever you desire, here are six places you should consider ringing in the new year:

New York City New Years Eve

#1 New York City

We had to start with this quintessential destination - a location for so many holiday movies - and we can see why! New York city not only hosts one of the largest, and most televised, parties in Time Square, but also many other smaller, and in our opinion even better, celebrations throughout the city. Our personal favorite is ringing in the new year aboard a nighttime boat ride on the New York Harbor, which offers breathtaking views of the midnight fireworks display on Liberty Island.

Looking for something a bit more low key? Pick a neighborhood and check out a cozy restaurant for a relaxing dinner and midnight toast - some of our local spots include: Toro in Chelsea, Fedora in the West Village, Porchlight, Clay and Temple Court in the Financial District.


Maui Sunrise Hike New Years Day

#2 Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a perfect destination to travel for New Years because they offer a little bit of everything. Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience, lively hotel dance party, fireworks or an evening catamaran cruise there is something for everyone here. Not big on the evening celebrations? You can wake up early on the first day of the new year and head to the summit of Haleakala where you will experience one of the most spectacular sunrises in the world.

Insider tip, if you want to sound like a local try your hand at saying, “Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!”


Sydney Australia New Years Eve

#3 Sydney, Australia

If you love fireworks then Sydney is the destination for you - not only do they put on one of the largest fireworks display in the world they offer one of the most beautiful backdrops for their fireworks show with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. But the celebrations don't end with the fireworks alone, and you can catch an air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics, as well as the Harbour of Light Parade which features 50+ illuminated boats in the harbor. To say it's spectacular would be an understatement - it's truly something you must experience!


New Years Eve Fiji

#4 Fiji

Looking for something a little more low key? What better way to celebrate the New Year than at one of the happiest places on earth?! Talk about a good mantra to begin 2018 with!

Fiji is not known for it's grand celebrations, but you will find that each resort has it's own festivities planned with special dinners, cultural entertainment, live music, dancing, traditional Fijian feasts and beach front fireworks. 

Best part is that you can welcome the first day of the year relaxing pool side, on white sand beach, snorkeling with dolphins or with breakfast in bed in your own private villa. Or perhaps all of the above!


London NYE

#5 London

If you are into fireworks, fine dining and after parties then London is the spot for you! Here you can start your New Years Eve with a delicious dinner, take in the fireworks and ringing of Big Ben at midnight and then continue the celebration with one of the many after-parties. 

Best part is that the celebrations don't stop there, but in fact continue on New Year’s Day with a parade on the city streets featuring marching bands, dancers in festive costumes, colorful floats and (best of all) a procession of the Queen’s horses. Talk about a unique experience!


Tahiti New Years Eve Dinner

#6 Tahiti

If you’re into experiencing local culture then Tahiti is an excellent choice for you. One of our favorite ways to ring in the New Year in Tahiti is to enjoy a private beach front dinner for two followed by being serenaded with the sounds of (and singing along to) the ukulele. 

As you can imagine this often leads to dancing and sipping champagne, which if you are looking for something a little more romantic doesn't get much better!


No matter how you decide to celebrate New Years Eve, remember one thing, it only comes once a year! So don't miss out on the opportunity to celebrate what you have accomplished in the past 365 and to reflect on where you would like to go in the next 365 days. 


Margaret Ybarra
Margaret Ybarra

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