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Vanuatu Islands

Vanuatu is within easy reach. It’s been right in front of you all along, waiting to be discovered. So take time out, breath and explore Vanuatu where you will discover what matters. 

With a tropical pace, slow down, immerse yourself and be in the moment, alone or together with ones you love. Take time to reconnect with yourself, with nature, make new friends and share in their laughter.

Discover what really matters and discover Vanuatu. 

Destination Travel Tips

Things To Know Before You Go

Vanuatu Island Adventures | South Seas Adventures

Vanuatu Features 83 Islands

Of Vanuatu’s 83 islands, the most popular for tourists are; Efate where Vanuatu’s capital Port Vila is located, Tanna Island home to fascinating custom villages & incredible fireworks of Mount Yasur Volcano and Santo, with pristine beaches, fresh water swimming holes & world class diving. Other islands offer untouched nature & a rare glimpse of a simpler way of life.
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Expect Endless Adventures

From cascading waterfalls and live volcanoes to dense jungles and white sandy beaches, Vanuatu has something to offer for every type of explorer. Unleash your inner adventurer, Indulge in a range of activities and embark on the experience of a lifetime.
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Experience the Culture

When we focus our energy in the wrong places, we only have time to scratch the surface of life. The greatest experiences come when we jump right in. Immerse yourself in a new culture, make friends with the locals and learn to let go in the magnificent landscape of Vanuatu.
Vanuatu Vacation and Relaxation | South Seas Adventures

Be Prepared to Slow Down

Modern life moves fast. Days, weeks, months and years go past in a blink of an eye and it feels like there is often not enough space to make time for the important things. Vanuatu offers a different pace. So take time out and slow down. Don’t let real life pass by. Reconnect with what really matters in Vanuatu.

We Partner with the Best Resorts in the Vanuatu Islands

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Grand Hotel and Casino is the tallest building on the island, comprising 6 levels with 74 rooms, including Penthouse, Harbour and Panorama Suites, Del...

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How to Get There

Getting to Vanuatu is easy with Air Vanuatu offering direct flights from Sydney to Port Vila. Flight time is 3.5 hours. Air Vanuatu also operates domestic air services between the islands in Vanuatu.
How to get to Vanuatu