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5 Tips to Traveling More in 2018

5 Tips to Traveling More in 2018 | South Seas Adventures

If you are like most people you enjoy traveling and wish that you could do it more often - but with things like work commitments, kids, daily life tasks, heavy work schedules and lack of paid time off you find them dictating your travel schedule more often than you do.

What if you were to look at your travel differently and instead of getting hung up on what you can't do and focus on active ways that you could enable yourself to travel more? The benefits of travel go well beyond taking you to beautiful destinations; traveling can also help open your mind to new things and ways of life, push you outside your comfort zone and teach you to appreciate all the little things and more importantly...moments in your life.

Ready to start traveling more this year? Check out our top tips to get you there:

1. Start a Travel Savings Fund

A travel savings fund is easy to set up, and many of you likely already have a savings account that you could use. From there set a goal of how much you would like to save, and by when, and then work backwards to figure out how to get there. Whether it's saving a set amount from each paycheck, cutting back on those expensive daily lattes, eating out less, taking public transportation to save on gas and parking...or perhaps a combination of multiple. Making these small changes over time will help you to save more than you might think.

Take lattes for example; if you have on average two per week that's upwards of $40-$50 per month. Combine that with a few less meals out each month and you are well on your way to saving $100+ per month.

2. Sign up for, or Follow, Travel Deal Websites

You'd probably be surprised with how many travel deals are published on a daily and weekly basis. It's so many that it would nearly be impossible to see them all. So what we suggest is to sign up to receive updates from websites and travel agents who sell the type of accommodations that you are interested in as well as the destinations in which you would like to travel. 

Most travel websites offer email or text notifications to alert you when there are new travel deals - or even better - the ability to set up monitoring on specific travel deals that personally interest you.

There's no need to pay more for a trip if you don't have to!

3. Think Outside of the Box

Similar to clothing trends, the travel industry too has trends which affect price an availability. Take for example destinations like Hawaii or Tahiti - both are very popular and are frequent destinations for even the most experienced travelers. What this also means is that destinations like these, that are well known, rarely offer sales or deals because their occupancy levels are already where they need them.

So instead of trying to beat the game, why not get creative and start thinking outside of the box. 

Start by researching destinations that you normally would not travel to, take suggestions from family and friends or even start reading the travel section of the local paper to help give you some inspiration.

4. Be Flexible

This is one of our most coveted tips. By being flexible you can save yourself hundreds of dollars off your next trip; and we don't just mean being flexible on dates. If you can be flexible on your travel dates, times, airport locations for flights or even vacation destinations you will vastly increase your chance to save on your next vacation which means that you could very well take your next vacation sooner or more frequently than you originally planned. 

5. Look into Staycations

While traveling to new destinations can be exciting - traveling closer to home can not only be equally as rewarding but a lot easier on your bank account which means more trips! Try looking into travel locations that are within driving distance to your home, easily accessed by train or even by boat or ferry. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover how many travel options are just outside your door.

*Additional tip: when traveling within your own state, especially during off season, check with hotels and restaurants to see if they offer a "locals" discount. You'd be amazed by home many establishments offer savings or special offers for local residents.

Whether you choose to do one, or more, of these tips - the most important thing to remember is to be realistic with your goals. That way you set yourself up for success and increase the likelihood of experiencing the satisfaction of your hard work paying off guessed it...more travel!

Ready to start planning your next vacation? Connect with one of our Expert Travel Advisors today for your FREE Custom Travel Quote. 

Linda  Gutekunst
Linda Gutekunst

An avid Scuba Diver and photographer since 1982, Linda has traveled the world extensively; however, her true love is the extraordinary South Pacific. Linda is founder of South Seas Adventures, where she specializes in all types of travel to the South Pacific region including Fiji, Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and others. Linda is a certified Aussie specialist, certified New Zealand PAL agent and a Tahiti Tiara specialist. Fiji’s friendly islands are Linda’s very favorite destination where she has traveled countless times. So if your travels call for the adventurous side of you, Linda can definitely speak your language.

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