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Top 10 Things Every Solo Traveler Needs

Top 8 Things Every Solo Traveler Needs | South Seas Adventures

Who says you need to wait until your significant other, friends or family are ready to travel...why not book your next trip based on when YOU want to go, to a destination YOU want to see and do all the things YOU want to do?

A trip all about YOU. Sound pretty great doesn't it? We certainly agree!

First time traveling alone? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our top things you'll need for your next solo trip.


#1 Smart Carry On Luggage

With recent changes to the TSA and airline rules regarding smart luggage it's important that your carryon pieces meets not only the size but tech requirements. We personally suggest this carry on bag from Away which is a lightweight 360 spinner that now offers an ejectable battery (so that you can meet all the current TSA guidelines) in addition to a standard USB charger, scratch and dent resistent exterior and TSA-approved lock. Best comes with a lifetime warranty — talk about the perfect bag!

#2 Secret Pocket Scarf

When you are traveling alone it's important to keep all the things you need handy, that way you don't have to worry about setting them down and forgetting them...or even worse, being in a situation where you have to ask someone to watch your things (like when you get up out of your seat on a long flight or are in a tight space and can't fit all your belongings in a stall). Especially when it comes to personal items like your wallet, passport or valuables - you want to keep those as close to you as possible at all times!

The solution? This multi-use scarf from Pierron & Co which will not only keep you nice and cozy on your flight, but also doubles as a fashionable accessory that's also functional with a secret pocket to store your passport, credit cards, license, and other small valuables. Brilliant!

#3 Reusable Water Bottle

There is nothing worse that continuing to waste money on airport and hotel bottled water - not only do these expenses add up in your wallet, but also on the environment and your overall packing space. Instead back a portable, reusable water bottle which can travel with you no matter where your destination is...and be refilled for free! Best part is that you will stay better hydrated on long flights, group transfers and all throughout the day.

#4 Portable Charger

If you are like us, you hate it when your electronics show you the dreaded 'dead battery' signal - and when you are traveling alone you don't have your partner in crime with you to steal their electronics. To ensure that your phone, camera or tablet don't die too soon make sure you pack a pocket-sized portable charger that can recharge all of your devices even when you are not near an outlet - keeping you connected, able to document and get around as easily as possible while you travel. 

#5 Comfortable Sneakers

When you travel alone you have that much more time to explore the things that you love - and one of the best ways to do this when you travel is by foot. Whether you like to take long walks through the city, mountain hikes, strolls on the beach or hit the pavement running. It's imperative to pack a pair of comfortable sneakers with you on your trip.

We personally suggest either these or these because they are lightweight, stylish and back easily into your bag or tote.

#6 Light Waterproof Jacket

Whether you're hitting the streets in a city abroad or hiking through the rainforests of Fiji, we are certain that you will find a lightweight, waterproof jacket as a must have for all types of travel. Having this with you will allow you to explore even if theres a bit or rain or wind...and it can double up to protect you from the sun and other elements during your explorations.

#7 Personal Safety - eAlarm

When you are traveling solo the biggest focus should always be your own personal safety, and trust us when we say that you can never be too prepared! One device that we've found to be extremely useful is this eAlarm; where in case of emergency, all you have  do is pull the black pin to activate it sounding an alarm to alert others that you are in trouble. 

Small enough to fit in your tote, purse or even pocket this device is a must have!

#8 Reusable Tote Bag

Of all the things on this list, a reusable tote is likely the one we find ourselves and our clients using the most when they travel. Whether you are running down to the beach or pool and need to stash your magazines and personal items, or you are going shopping and want something easy to carry, or you are needing to carry those few extra things you picked up along the way back home with you on the plane. 

A reusable tote, like our personal favorite from Baggu, is something we can nearly promise you will use on almost every trip. 

We love these eco-friendly packable totes from .



Ready to get traveling? Lets talk destinations! Connect with one of our travel experts today to begin planning your next adventure!


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