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Our team here at South Seas Adventures is proud to bring you spectacular vacation and honeymoon experiences in Australia and throughout the South Pacific by partnering with our sister site, Venture Australia. As a traveler this partnership will provide you with increased knowledge, extensive customer support and a wide selection of resort offerings to ensure you receive a first-rate adventure into the world of Australian warmth and hospitality.

Traveling to, and fully enjoying Australia can become a complex endeavor, which is where our expertise will make a tremendous difference to your overall experience. By limiting our focus to a moderate number of the absolute best resorts and excursions in Australia, we’re able to build relationships that go far beyond simply recommending a place to stay. Each vacation or honeymoon we design is custom-tailored to your individual tastes, desires and preferences. We’ll help you pick the best excursions, plan multi-destination itineraries, arrange your transfers between locations, and ensure that you are fully prepared enjoy your dream escape to Australia!


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Destination Travel Tips

Expert insight and advice before you take off for your Australian adventure.

Australian Accent

What is that Accent?

There is no mistaking that special ‘Aussie English’. Although they claim to speak English, Australians at many times seem to have their own unique language!
Australia Time Zones

Time Zones Defined

There are three time zones in Australia – Eastern Standard Time (EST) which operates in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland; Central Standard Time (CST) which operates in South Australia and Northern Territory; and Western Standard Time (WST) in Western Australia. CST is one half hour behind EST, while WST is two hours behind EST.
Tipping in Australia

Tipping Customs

Tipping is not the general custom in Australia, and service charges are not added to accounts by hotels and restaurants. Porters, taxi drivers, hairdressers, etc. do not expect to be tipped. In higher end restaurants, it is usual to tip food and drink waiters up to 10% for good service.

Stay Connected and Charged

In Australia the electricity is 220-240 volts, so a converter and adapter are necessary if you want to use North American electronics. The converter is a three-pin outlet.

How to Get There

Australia is an island nation that is located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.
Australia Map